A Silkworm’s Web - Fireember345 (2024)

In the Palace of Evolution…

Silkworm was resting in her castle enjoying the fruits of her labor.

No… that’s not her name anymore, with how the changes our going and how rapidly she was evolving, she was now a chrysalis. So now, Chrysalis was enjoying the life of a queen as her spiral was everything she dreamed of and more. She put her parents in her place, her siblings were under her control, and her creation was evolving with her… she has all the power in the spiral right at her fingertips. Hard to believe she started out as a mistake created by Raven and Spider, now she is the greatest force in balance in all reality.

She then looked to her rings where she kept her brothers trapped.

“Sister… when I am free, I will splatter your insides for all to see!” The Storm Titan boomed from the purple ring, energy flowing with electrical hateful magic towards her.

“If I recall, you are trapped in there because you let your hunger for power and revenge consume you. You underestimated me like the others, and it cost you dearly. I loved the part when you fell like a sack of couch potatoes even after you hit me with that triton. The look on your face when it shattered into pieces when it touched me.” She mocked her sibling.


“Sister, why are you doing this? Why did you pit us against each other, give Bartleby that song to put us to sleep, and then enslave us?” The Dragon Titan desperately questioned the long-forgotten child of Raven and Spider.

“I know you heard what I said to them when we were at Uncle’s center when I took that darkness for my evolution… Your treatment towards me was intolerable, I was locked away in Uncle Bartleby’s tree system for years because I had no use, no power. I was nothing to all of you.”

“Sister, that’s not true-!”

“Oh please. Your arrogance and stupidity are what ended up being the end of you, just like Spider’s and Raven’s cruelty and ignorance were their end. The only reason you even acknowledge me is that you can have an edge over each other and prove who was ‘the Great Titan of All’. Well, now we know…”

Years ago, in the First World…

Silkworm watched with depression and hatred while her family ran freely in the first world.

Her brothers… they were all high and mighty… her father, too busy on the siblings to focus on her… her mother… ugh her mother…

“Bartleby, it feels like you are my only friend.” Silkworm breathed then began singing to her tree uncle in a mournful song.

“Do not lose hope, dearest one. You will find your place in the world.”

“I don’t have a place. Mother says I’m too frail to even leave this tree. It’s not fair!” Silkworm boomed with fury then cried.

“Little one… there is a place. Everyone has a destiny and all you must do is find it.”

“Find it… how? This world is my prison.” She scoffed as she watched the Ice Titan build his castle, “Wonder how my brother would feel if he learned that his water was used for his castle… hmmm…”

Silkworm then began to think about her brothers, in a less bitter but more useful way. Her siblings were so arrogant and greedy, so high and mighty, and yet so empty-headed… she wondered.

“Oh, how great my seas be! My tides are the glory of the Storm! Truly I am the greatest Titan!” The Storm Titan boasted.


“But what about brother and his amazing Ice Castles? Those are truly beautiful, though it was stolen art.”


The storm titan leaned in as his sister informed him of what she had seen. She then told the Ice Titan about the Fire Titan’s destruction of the castles. Then she told the Fire Titan about the Storm Titan's raging water destroying his work. This led to the Titan War, and no one knew that she caused it…

Soon, the chaos caused the magic that trapped her to be destroyed.

“Uncle, you must stop this war before everything is gone. Quickly, I thought up a song that could put my brothers to sleep.” Silkworm warned the tree.

“Indeed, this will be the power needed. With Spider’s hearts, we can save the world, yet but not as it once was…”

“Yes… it would truly be a spiral.”

After that, Silkworm disappeared.

“Freedom tastes good and after my spiral was formed by my brilliance, I decided to explore and find what I was meant to be.” Chrysalis swooned.

“You founded Balance Magic and taught it to your followers.” Ice Titan accused.

“Indeed, Krokotopia, Mirage, and everywhere else knew my power and learned from my teachings. Of course, I couldn’t be simply the Silkworm Titan now, can I?”

Years ago, in Krokotopia…

Lady Silkkiäistoukka Ensimmäinen was teaching the class the importance of harmony.

“As you can see, when you break down the magic of Storm, Fire and Ice, it all truly just one magic but harnessed and finessed into a power that reflects the elements. But take away that, have the magic return to its true nature and you find that it all leads back to Balance.” She taught her Order of the Fang, presenting the book she created, the Krokomonicon, “But through Balance, I discovered the more… spiritual part of the magic, the other elements formed after the Spiral’s Birth. Life, the creation of something… Death, is the end of something… and Myth, is the memory of something. That aspect of Balance has been placed in this book. With this, you all have a chance of defeating the evil Queen Krokopatria.”

She then gave the book to her promising student, Alhazred.

“Thank you, Lady Silkkiäistoukka Ensimmäinen. We will not fail you in defeating the Kroks. We will not betray your teachings like the other houses or the queen.” He promised as the teachers bowed.

“I know you will. Good luck everyone.”

She then left no one aware that this was all a part of her plan to expand the teachings…

“Then my students began teaching, but they were not well wise in who they were teaching.” The Chrysalis hummed.

“So, you did manipulate Morganthe?”

“Not really. I just did what Spider did to you with a twist from Raven…”

At Avalon…

Ambrose was thrilled to see his old teacher after so long.

“Oh, Lady Ensimmäinen. I am so pleased to be in your presence once again.” Ambrose as he hugged the woman.

“Merle Ambrose, look at you. I still remember the day I took you in as my apprentice.” Lady Ensimmäinen admired then spotted the young girl with him, “And I see you’re spreading my teachings to others.”

“Indeed, Lady Ensimmäinen, this is my student, Morganthe.”

“You’re the Legendary Silkkiäistoukka Ensimmäinen, Master of Master Wizards?” She swooned at her presence.

“Indeed I am. I see great potential in you… you could become as legendary as myself or your teacher. Yes, I see a great destiny before you.” She complimented then turned to Ambrose, “Now Merle, I need to talk to you… about the… you know what.”

“Of course, Master. Not to worry, they are in a safe place. Per your request, I have kept them away from the forces of evil.”

“Good, good. There are other things I need to talk to you about.”

But then Gamma flew by.

“Master Ambrose, the king wishes to see you!” Gamma hooted.

Ambrose then looked at the woman.

“You can go. We will talk about things later. It will give me the chance to get to know your student.”

Ambrose nodded and then teleported away.

“Good thing the books are safe… I can’t imagine anyone getting their hands on them.” She breathed, “Oops.”

“Books?” Morganthe wondered.

“I… shouldn’t speak of such things out loud. But if you must know…”

She then leaned down and whispered in Morganthe’s ear about the forbidden knowledge, the powers she had discovered and captured.

“I ask Ambrose to hide these things from the unworthy and to never let them out of his sight. They are too powerful and dangerous.”

“Why wouldn’t he tell me about them? Does he think I’m-?”

“I do not know… but I can see that you are worthy of magic. What hurts for a little peak?”

“Peak? Ambrose, would he approve?”

“I do not know… But want to know something interesting?” Silkkiäistoukka Ensimmäinen baited as she saw the greed in her heart, “The best wizards become the best by learning which rules to bend… and which to break. I myself am a rule breaker… and so is your master.”

“You are? He is?”

“Indeed. Sometimes you can’t let yourself be bonded by what others tell you, what rules they placed for what I have seen on my travels… whoever has the power makes the rules.”

“And if I had the forbidden knowledge…? And if I’m worthy?”

Ambrose then arrived and he and the lady began to talk.

“And of course, you remember Malistaire and how he led me to you, Brother. Sylvia’s death from the birth of the daughter was tragic and perfect for him to know the secrets of magic.”

“This was the chain of events.”

“Indeed, from Spider’s sons, Raven’s trapping, everything played out for my rebirth, and now… I don’t know what will happen next. so exciting and thrilling.”

A Silkworm’s Web - Fireember345 (2024)


What is silkworm short answer? ›

noun. silk·​worm ˈsilk-ˌwərm. : a moth whose larva spins a large amount of strong silk in constructing its cocoon. especially : an Asian moth (Bombyx mori of the family Bombycidae) whose rough wrinkled hairless caterpillar produces the silk of commerce.

What questions will you ask about silkworms? ›

Silkworm Questions
  • Where can I find instructions for the Silkworm kit? ...
  • How long will the whole process take? ...
  • How long will it take my silkworm eggs to hatch? ...
  • What temperature should the silkworms be kept at? ...
  • How often should I feed the silkworms? ...
  • How often do I clean the silkworm rearing tub? ...
  • Can I handle the silkworms?

How to tell if a silkworm is male or female? ›

It is quite easy to separate the male and female Silk-Moths, with the females having larger abdomens – for their eggs – and males possessing smaller abdomens. Males also tend to be more active, as they are constantly searching for a mate.

Is a silkworm a larva or a caterpillar? ›

Silkworm is both a caterpillar and larve. The female silk moths lay eggs that hatch into larvae. Larvae of female silk moths are also known as silkworms or caterpillars. Therefore, Option(iii) is correct.

Why is silkworm killed to make silk? ›

Once their cocoon is complete, the sericulture process traditionally includes killing the silkworm by boiling or steaming it alive. This boiling step also blunts a natural chemical substance known as sericin, which otherwise would cause the cocoons to harden, resulting in a fabric that's not as soft.

Are silkworms killed for silk? ›

As an animal product, however, it is not vegan.) This is in contrast to conventional silk, whereby cocoons are steamed, boiled, or dried in the sun, killing the silk larvae inside. According to PETA, 3,000 silk worms are killed to produce one pound of silk; 10,000 silk worms are killed to produce one silk sari.

Why can't you touch silkworms? ›

Silkworms are susceptible to bruising and dying if not handled with care, especially as they grow larger.

Can silkworms bite? ›

No, silkworms do not bite, if anything they will tickle and stick to your fingers. You do not need to worry, they can not harm you. Silkworm moths once hatched from cocoons also do not bite and do not fly.

Does silkworm have eyes? ›

The normal silkworm moth has black eyes (Figure 12) and its mature egg is grey.

Do silkworms feel pain? ›

And yes, silkworms (or insects in general) are sentient beings. They possess a central nervous system, brain and have the ability to experience pain. We as humans have domesticated silk moths (Bombyx mori) to produce fine silk.

Are silkworms asexual? ›

B. mori is a holometabolous lepidopteran insect that has been raised for the purpose of silk production for more than 5,000 years. In most cases, B. mori females give birth to offspring by mating; however, a few exceptions are reproduced by parthenogenesis without needing a mate [9] .

Do silkworms turn into flies? ›

Life Cycle

It takes about ten days for the silkworm pupae to turn into a moth and emerge from the cocoon. Once the moth emerges, the silkworm moth generally lives for about 3 days, but can live up to ten days. While they do not typically fly, the male moths may fly briefly in search of a female.

Is A silkworm a bug? ›

The silkworm is the larva (the active immature form of an insect) or caterpillar of the Bombyx mori moth. Silk has been made for at least 5000 years in China. The moth is important because it makes silk.

Are silkworms maggots? ›

Silkworms are part of the Bombycidae family, which they share with other moths. They are caterpillars. They are no longer found in the wild. They have been so genetically altered by humans that they can no longer survive independently in nature.

Is A butterfly A silkworm? ›

Answer. No butterfly and silkworms are different but they both are insects.

What is silkworm and its uses? ›

Silk is obtained from the cocoon when silkworms transform from larvae to pupae. The pupae of the two silk‐producing moths are edible. Silkworm pupae are frequently used as food in Asian countries, including Japan, Korea, India, and, especially, China (Zhou & Han, 2006).

What are silkworms known for? ›

They are the larval form of the silk moth. The famous "silk" that the insect produces is spun to make their cocoons. Each cocoon may contain a single strand of silk one mile long! Silk threads from the cocoons of this species have been woven into luxurious fabrics for more than 4,000 years.

Why are silkworms so important? ›

Silkworms, the larvae of the domesticated moth Bombyx mori, have been used for silk production for more than 5,000 years. The silk industry originally started in China, distributed toward several parts of Asia and the West, and has contributed greatly to the economic development of countries along the Silk Road.

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