Alan Shearer almost makes X-rated comment 'BBC wouldn't have been happy with' (2024)

When England prevailed in their penalty shoot-out against Switzerland, Alan Shearer was close to uttering something on commentary that would have landed him in hot water with the BBC

Alan Shearer almost makes X-rated comment 'BBC wouldn't have been happy with' (1)

Alan Shearer has admitted to stopping himself from making a lewd comment on air after the BBC's live coverage of England's nail-biting victory over Switzerland.

Just like millions of Three Lions supporters, Shearer was particularly nervous when Gareth Southgate's side stepped up for their penalty shootout against the stubborn Swiss. In the end, England proved to be emphatic from the spot as Cole Palmer, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, Ivan Toney and Trent Alexander-Arnold all nailed their efforts from 12 yards to take England through to the final four.

Shearer became understandably excited when Alexander-Arnold fired home the winning spot-kick. The Newcastle United legend may have written himself into sports broadcasting history when he hilariously said: "Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is for tyres?"

To say the Premier League legend was pleased with his line is an understatement. But the 53-year-old admitted that he chose that over a significantly more risqué comment which may have landed him in hot water with the BBC.

“It just felt right,” Shearer said on the Rest is Football podcast when asked about his line. “‘Pressure is for tyres’. Do you know what it was? It was either that or ‘I feel a semi coming on’.

Gary Lineker and Micah Richards were left in stitches at the crude alternative, and the latter insisted: “You should have done that one!” Shearer then replied: “I don’t think the BBC would have liked that one”.

It was not the only risky thing Shearer almost said. When Toney stepped up for his penalty and carried out his brave technique of taking a two-step run up, transfixing his eyes on the goalkeeper and striking the ball without even looking at it, Shearer had various thoughts running through his head. And they may have made their way onto the airwaves if he was less careful.

"It takes some balls to do that,” Shearer said when asked about Toney’s spot-kick. “It was a great camera angle wasn’t it, because with that camera angle, I am looking down at him. But, I am looking at the screen that’s next to me and I can see him staring at the keeper. I am thinking ‘This is an unbelievable technique. F***ing hell’. Everything has to be perfect because with just the two steps beforehand it is so brave. But, it worked incredibly well for him.”

Shearer's nerves will likely be jangling again when England face the Netherlands in their Euro 2024 semi-final tonight (Wednesday). The Three Lions' performances have more often than not left plenty to be desired this summer, but they have still clawed their way to a third semi-final in four major tournaments.

But while Shearer has been fiercely critical of England's displays, particularly in the group stages, he is still backing Southgate's side to reach a second consecutive Euro 2024 final. While speaking to Betfair, Shearer said: “It'll be a wonderful occasion.

"The fans in Dusseldorf were incredible. My son came over to watch the game with his pals and he was saying how brilliant the atmosphere was.

“The England fans have been amazing and they'll be exactly the same on Wednesday. I'm not siding against England at all, I think they'll find a way and they'll be able to step up again performance-wise. It could be a stressful, long evening again but I think England will just edge this one.”

England's clash against the Dutch kicks off at 8pm this evening at the Westfalenstadion, the home of German and Champions League giants Borussia Dortmund.

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Alan Shearer almost makes X-rated comment 'BBC wouldn't have been happy with' (2)

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Alan Shearer almost makes X-rated comment 'BBC wouldn't have been happy with' (2024)
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