Honda CB 650 R 2020 complete pattern decals kit - red version - (2024)

About us and our Honda decals

MOTO-STICKER offers a large variety of replacement decals and reproduction graphics for Honda motorbikes. Honda has a big range of bikes, especially in the sport and supersport classes (we all know about the mighty Fireblade, that changed the game in the superbike world when it was launched during the 90s) and we are trying to offer to our customers quality replacement stickers for the main sport Honda models, like the Honda CBR 125R/150R, Honda CBR 250R, Honda CBR 600RR, Honda CBR 1100XX and also the variety of Honda Fireblade models: CBR 900RR, CBR 919RR, CBR 929RR, CBR 954RR and CBR 1000RR (SC57 and SC59). These bikes have a lot of generations and we try to offer stickers for all of them, especially for the older models, which are already discontinued from production and are not offered from Honda anymore. From year 2008 onwards, Honda started to replace its “Honda wings” decals on the gas tanks of his bikes with a 3D emblem. We don’t offer such 3D logo emblem in our store mainly because the original one can be easily removed from the gas tank before repainting and it can be used again afterwards.
As mentioned, we do offer high quality replacement decals for almost every Honda 4-cylinder superbike. However, Honda is also famous with its V-twin sport models – the VTR/RVT and the VFR Interceptor. We have also focused our attention on these models, because they are largely popular around the world. The VTR 1000 (also called RVT 1000R in the US market) was a very successful machine in the world Superbike series in the past both in its SP-1 and SP-2 variations and we have replica decal sets and replacement graphics for almost all of its liveries, including the special Nicky Hayden edition. As for the VFR – we have sticker kits for most of its generations – from the old 750 and 400 models to the newest 800 models. See what decals we offer for the Honda Interceptor in our store and you will not be disappointed!
One of our missions is also to help for keeping the good look of the older Honda CBR 600F models, because Honda doesn’t offer replacement decals for them anymore. So if you own a CBR 600 F2, F3 or F4 and you need to restore its original look, this is the place to find stickers and graphics for it.
In MOTO-STICKER.COM you can also find complete replica decal sets for the other sport models in the Honda family. We are talking about bikes like the Honda CB400, Honda CB500, Honda CB600S, Honda CBF 1000, Honda CBX and the Honda NSR 125. Of course the Honda superbikes are not the only ones, that we offer reproduction graphics for. We also have replacement sticker sets for most of the street models in the Honda range, like the Honda X11 (CB1100SF), Honda NC700X, Honda NC750X, Honda Shadow Spirit, Honda CB Hornet, Honda XL Varadero, Honda XRV Africa Twin and the Honda VTX 1300/1800.

Decals for customization

Many Honda owners don’t want their motorcycle to look exactly like all the others. They want to stand out from the crowd and they want customized decals for their Honda. That is why in our store we offer a really large variety of custom Honda sticker sets. You can find many decal styles, colors and looks for your Honda, mainly if you own a Honda CBR 600RR, Honda CBR 929RR, 954RR or 1000RR Fireblade. We offer neon (fluorescent) decals, light reflective decals, chrome decals, “Graffiti look” decals, “leather look” decals, carbon fiber look decals, “camouflage look” decals and even pink decals for the ladies. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! We also have a customer gallery in our website. There you can see pictures with many Honda bikes, that have our replacement decals on them. That way you can see exactly how good our replica stickers are and how well they fit to various Honda models. And remember – these pictures have been sent to us by our customers, who have taken photos of their own bikes after they have applied our decals by themselves. That is the best way for us to show our work and the quality of our decals.

Our Honda replacement stickers and graphics for older bikes

In our store you can also find a lot of decals, that are already discontinued and can not be found in the dealerships. Replacement stickers and graphics for the older Hondas like the CBR F2, F3 or F4, CBX 750F, VFR 750, CB 400, CB 500 and the CBR 900RR Fireblade are hard to find, but we do offer them, because we want to help their owners to restore the original beauty of their motorbike and enjoy them for many years to come.

Honda wheel stripes

And last, but not least – we also have a large variety of high-quality wheel stripes for most of the Honda motorcycle models with 17-inch rims. You can find them in many colors, so they can perfectly fit your Honda, no matter if it is an CBR 600RR, CBR 1000RR, or a CBR 650F.
We offer only custom alternatives to the original Honda decals, but we offer them under license from Honda and we only have top quality stickers, that you will not find anywhere else, especially for prices like this.
We love and respect the Honda brand and we hope we are contributing as good as we can, so their bikes can look perfect, no matter how old they are. Honda motorcycles should make you happy and their look should always be perfect.

About us and our Honda decals

Decals for customization

Our Honda replacement stickers and graphics for older bikes

Honda wheel stripes

Honda CB 650 R 2020 complete pattern decals kit - red version - (2024)
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