Watch 1000+ Tamil and Malayalam Movies with Simply South on ZEE5! (2024)

ZEE5 has been a go-to destination for enthusiasts of Indian cinema, series, and TV shows. It is rightfully known as the world’s largest hub for South Asian entertainment. Now, ZEE5 is set to revolutionize entertainment with its new wave of ZEE5 Add-Ons, and one such gem is Simply South. This South Indian OTT platform boasts over 1,000+ content in Tamil movies and Malayalam movies, offering viewers a diverse and captivating cinematic experience.

Simply South: A Treasure Trove of Malayalam and Tamil Movies

Simply South on ZEE5 is a cinematic treasure trove, offering an extensive collection of over 1,000+ Tamil and Malayalam movies online. From heartwarming romances to high-octane action, and thought-provoking dramas to rib-tickling comedies, it caters to a wide spectrum of cinematic tastes. When ZEE5’s premium subscribers get Simply South as their Add-on, they are now invited to explore the depth and diversity of South Indian cinema, all from the comfort of their screens.

Watch Simply South on ZEE5

Thanks to ZEE5’s expansive reach and global presence, viewers from around the world can now embark on a journey through the vibrant world of Southern cinema. Simply South as a ZEE5 Add-On ensures that fans and enthusiasts can access their favorite Tamil and Malayalam movies anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the heart of Chennai or halfway across the globe, with ZEE5 you can experience the magic of Southern cinema right at your fingertips.

Popular Malayalam and Tamil Movies on Simply South:

When you get a monthly subscription of Simply South on top of you ZEE5 subscription, you get access to a multitude of entertaining Malayalam and Tamil movies. Here’s a look at some of our top movies from the list:

1 – Varisu

If you like to watch Tamil movies, Thalapathy’s Varisu has to be on your watchlist. Varisu is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language action drama film directed by Vamshi Paidipally. The film centers around an entrepreneur’s youngest son who inherits his father’s business, causing tension among his two elder brothers. Starring a stellar cast including Vijay, R. Sarathkumar, and Rashmika Mandanna, this film is a compelling tale of family dynamics and business intrigue.

2 – Dada

Dada is a heartwarming 2023 Indian Tamil-language coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama film directed by Ganesh K. Babu. The story revolves around a couple in love who become teenage parents, only to face unexpected challenges that lead them apart. Kavin and Aparna Das deliver stellar performances in this touching portrayal of love, sacrifice, and second chances.

3 – Gargi

Gargi is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language legal drama, directed by Gautham Ramachandran. It is one of the most-watched Tamil movies online with Sai Pallavi taking on the role of a determined young school teacher. Fueled by a mission to prove her father’s innocence, she teams up with a juvenile advocate in a journey that delves deep into the intricacies of the legal system.

4 – Kadaisi Vivasayi

Kadaisi Vivasayi (The Last Farmer) is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language drama directed by M. Manikandan. The film showcases the resilience of an 85-year-old farmer, brilliantly portrayed by Nallandi. Vijay Sethupathi and Yogi Babu provide exceptional support in this poignant portrayal of a man’s fight against encroaching urbanization.

5 – Gatta Kusthi

In this 2022 Indian Tamil-language romantic sports comedy drama, Gatta Kusthi, director Chella Ayyavu takes us on a hilarious roller-coaster ride. Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi lead the cast in a story that challenges preconceived notions and celebrates the unpredictable nature of love.

6 – Sardar

Sardar is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language spy action-thriller, directed by P. S. Mithran. The film presents Karthi in a dual role, navigating the complexities of espionage and family ties. With a riveting plot and powerhouse performances, Sardar offers an exhilarating cinematic experience.

7 – Maanaadu

Maanaadu is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language science fiction action thriller, directed by Venkat Prabhu. Silambarasan and S. J. Suryah lead the cast in a mind-bending tale of an NRI and a police officer trapped in a time loop. The film’s gripping narrative and exceptional performances make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

8 – Bhoothakaalam

Bhoothakaalam is a 2022 Indian Malayalam-language horror film, written and directed by Rahul Sadasivan. Shane Nigam and Revathy deliver powerful performances in this spine-chilling story of a mother and son grappling with mysterious events that blur the lines between reality and the supernatural. You can now watch Malayalam movies like Bhoothakaalam and more streaming on ZEE5.

With the Simply South Add-On on ZEE5, viewers are not merely watching movies; they’re experiencing a cultural phenomenon. ZEE5’s dedication to providing diverse and engaging content is exemplified through content partners like Simply South, which opens the doors to a world of captivating stories, emotions, and experiences. From high-octane action to heartwarming romances, from legal dramas to spine-chilling horror, Simply South offers an unparalleled cinematic journey. Come, be part of the Southern Cinema Magic. With the introduction of Simply South, embark on an adventure through the captivating world of South Indian cinema with ZEE5!

Watch 1000+ Tamil and Malayalam Movies with Simply South on ZEE5! (2024)


What is simply south in ZEE5? ›

Simply South on ZEE5 is a cinematic treasure trove, offering an extensive collection of over 1,000+ Tamil and Malayalam movies online. From heartwarming romances to high-octane action, and thought-provoking dramas to rib-tickling comedies, it caters to a wide spectrum of cinematic tastes.

How to access Simply South in India? ›

Simply South
  1. Website.
  2. iOS App.
  3. Android App.
  4. Roku App.
  5. Apple TV.
  6. Amazon Fire TV.
  7. Android TV.
  8. LG TV.

Does ZEE5 have Tamil movies? ›

Tamil Movies - Watch Tamil Movies online in HD only on ZEE5.

Does ZEE5 have Malayalam movies? ›

Latest Malayalam Movies on ZEE5 - Watch Latest Malayalam Movies on ZEE5 online in HD only on ZEE5.

Is Simply South available in the USA? ›

Simply South is available in all countries across the world, except India.

How much is simply south subscription? ›

Simply South

Subscribe a la carte for RM8. 50/month.

Is ZEE5 paid or free? ›

Except for premium content, all other content on ZEE5 can be enjoyed without paying any charges. You can watch all our premium content including ZEE5 Originals, movies and TV shows across 18 languages by purchasing a ZEE5 subscription, which will give you ad-free access to all the content on ZEE5.

Which app has more Tamil movies? ›

All popular OTTs like SonyLIV, Zee5, and Voot have good collection of Tamil movies. Some of my favourites from them are- Valimai (Zee5), Veetla Vishesham (Zee5), Maanadu (SonyLIV), Vaazhl (SonyLIV), Enemy (SonyLIV), Rocketry (Voot), Pettai (Voot), and many more.

Where can I watch ZEE5 movies in USA? ›

In the US, the platform was launched on June 22, 2021. You can get a ZEE5 subscription in the USA to watch exclusive content available on the platform. Users can download the ZEE5 app from Google Play Store / iOS App Store, on Roku devices, Apple TVs, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire Stick.

Which streaming service is best for Malayalam movies? ›

If you're a fan of Malayalam cinema and looking for the latest releases on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, JioCinema, and Disney+ Hotstar, you're in for a treat! From gripping thrillers to heartwarming dramas, the Malayalam film industry is delivering a diverse range of entertainment options.

How to download ZEE5 videos for free? ›

How to Download Zee5 Videos Without Subscription
  1. Go to Zee5's official website and find the video that you want to rip.
  2. Open, and copy and paste the link to the target page. Then, click on the Download button.
  3. You can select the video quality and format you want to download if needed.

Is Simply South TV free? ›

Simply South offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription plans, wherein users can subscribe and watch the content available on the platform.

Can I download movies from Simply South? ›

Download is available, and users will have to complete the viewing of downloaded content within 30 days.

How can I watch Simply South on my TV? ›

Add Simply South and follow the steps. Also applicable via MyUnifi app. You can also watch on your web browser or download the app from the relevant app store. Once installed, you can immediately start enjoying your favorite content.

What is the price of Simply South Ott? ›

29/- for first month. Rs. 49 for the First Month only. Price of Rs.

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