Bannock Parcel Viewer (2024)

1. GIS Department - Bannock County

  • Parcel Viewer. Bannock County Parcel Viewer. · Planning Map. Bannock County Planning Map. · Elections. Voting information and directions to your polling ...

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a collection of data, technology, and people that work together to tie things to a relevant location, and by answering the question of “Where?” hopefully help answer questions such as “How?” and “Why?”

2. Assessor | Bannock County

  • Click here to view the Bannock County Parcel Viewer. Here you can find property tax and assessment information for properties within Bannock County.

  • ACRE: A land measure equal to 43,560 square feet.

3. Bannock County, Idaho Plat Map - Property Lines & Parcel Data | FBN

  • Missing: viewer | Show results with:viewer

  • View a free online plat map. See property lines and gain quality insights about land in minutes, including total acres and soil productivity.

4. Pocatello Maps

  • Pocatello GIS Map · Pocatello Zoning Map · Bannock County Parcel Viewer · Pocatello Printable Street Map · Pocatello Snow Removal Routes · Pocatello Prohibited ...

  • See three different types of maps for the City of Pocatello.

5. GIS Webpage

6. Bannock County | The Official Website of the State of Idaho

  • Missing: parcel viewer

  • Established March 6, 1893 from part of Bingham County, with its county seat at Pocatello. Named for the Bannock Indians, the first inhabitants of the area, whose name was spelled Bannock by early settlers.

7. MAPS - Bannock Transportation Planning Organization

  • The map shows the section of the National Highway System located within the BTPO Planning Area. Adjusted 2020 Urbanized Boundary, The map shows the 2020 Urban ...

  • The page provides the list of maps or data that BTPO maintains.  Click on the map name to access a PDF and web map version.  Not all the data provided is authoritative data from BTPO but rather comes from other sources such as the City of Pocatello, the City of Chubbuck, Bannock County, Idaho Transportation Department, United States Census Bureau, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and others.   BTPO strives to provide the most accurate data possible.

8. Bannock County, ID Plat Map and Land Values | Acres GIS

  • Discover Bannock County, Idaho plat maps and property boundaries. Search 42,194 parcel records and views insights like land ownership information, soil maps, ...

  • Explore Bannock County, ID plat maps with a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Find property lines, explore land values, find land ownership information, analyze soil quality, and more.

9. i-Hunting: Parcels viewer Bannock County, Idaho

  • Parcels in Bannock County, Idaho : Online property line maps viewer and Hunt Planner is loading. Please wait... Parcels viewer Bannock County, Idaho : The ...

  • Parcels in Bannock County, Idaho : Online property line maps viewer and Hunt Planner is loading. Please wait...

10. Land Use - Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

  • ... Map using interactive elements. View Interactive Map. Agricultural Environmental Compliance Fee. Placeholder Image. Public Parcel Viewer. The Land Use Program ...

  • Land Use Department

11. GIS Data | Idaho State University

  • External GIS Data Resources. GIS VIEWERS. Bannock County Parcels · Idaho Dept. of Lands · Idaho Geology · National Gap Analysis · USGS LandsatLook · Social ...


12. Bannock County, Idaho – Section Township and Range Map

  • Jun 9, 2024 · Use the 'Find parcel' tool near the bottom of this Bannock County, Idaho Township Range locator map. Click 'GO!' and the map will center on your ...

  • View Bannock County, Idaho Township and Range on Google Maps with this interactive Section Township Range finder. Search by address, place, land parcel description or GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude)

13. GIS Data - Idaho State University

  • External GIS Data Resources. GIS Viewers. View and Download Geology Maps · Bannock County Parcels · Idaho Dept. of Lands · Idaho Geology · Social ...


14. Bannock County Public Records - NETR Online

  • NETR Online • Bannock • Bannock Public Records, Search Bannock Records ... Bannock NETR Mapping and GIS. Map. Help us keep this directory a great place ...

  • Idaho Bannock Public Records

15. Layer: Bannock Buildings (ID: 12) - City of Chubbuck GIS

  • View In: ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Name: Bannock Buildings Display Field: BUILDINGID Type: Feature Layer Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon. Description:

  • View In:   ArcGIS Online Map Viewer

16. County Parcel Maps - Idaho State Tax Commission

  • Jun 21, 2023 · Click the buttons below to leave the Tax Commission's GIS Services site and visit counties' parcel map websites (in a new window). Web REST ...

  • Click the buttons below to leave the Tax Commission’s GIS Services site and visit counties’ parcel map websites (in a new window). Web REST services Looking for our web REST services? Note: We do NOT maintain or store county parcel data. You will need to contact the authoritative data source /County Assessor’s office to obtain. NEW !!!!! […]

17. Fort Hall Parcel Data - Regrid

  • is dedicated to putting America online parcel by parcel. We work ... It is on Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla and Shoshone-Bannock ancestral land.

  • Nationwide property data and mapping tools for everyone. Surf 158 million land parcels on our map or license them for yours.

18. Shoshone-Bannock Tribes | Located on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation

  • Reservation Map. Launch in Maps. Legal Counsel. The Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Attorney's Office has three in-house General Counsel, one Paralegal, two Legal ...

  • June 18, 2024

Bannock Parcel Viewer (2024)


How to find the parcel number of a property in San Diego County? ›

Your Secured Tax Parcel number is located in the middle of your tax bill. If you need assistance finding your Secured Tax Parcel number, please call the Assessor's office at (619) 236-3771 or Property Tax Services at (858) 694-2901.

What is the homeowners exemption in Bannock County? ›

What is it? The homeowner's exemption will exempt 50% of the value of your home and up to one acre of land (maximum: $125,000) from property tax.

What is the property tax rate in Bannock County Idaho? ›

The average effective property tax rate in Bannock County is 0.99%.

What county is Pocatello, Idaho in? ›

Bannock County is the sixth-most populous county in Idaho and as of the 2020 census had a population of 87,018. The City of Pocatello is the county seat and largest metropolitan area in the county.

How do I find my California parcel number? ›

You can locate your parcel number on your valuation notice, tax bill, deed, or by calling our office at (916) 875-0700.

How do I get a parcel map in San Diego? ›

Obtaining copies by Mail:

To request copies of Assessor Parcel Maps by mail, please include the following: Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) or Map Number. Check or money order payable to: San Diego Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk.

How do I get a homeowners exemption in California? ›

To claim the exemption, the homeowner must make a one-time filing with the county assessor where the property is located. The claim form, BOE-266, Claim for Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption, is available from the county assessor.

At what age do seniors stop paying property taxes in Idaho? ›

Meet one or more of the following status requirements as of January 1, 2024: Age 65 or older. Widow(er) Blind.

How many acres do you need to qualify for an ag exemption in Idaho? ›

Parcels 5 Acres or Less:

(ii) It agriculturally produced gross revenues in the immediately preceding year of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more. (iii) Landowner must provide proof of these minimum incomes annually to remain in qualifying status, due April 15th****.

Which states have the lowest property tax? ›

States With the Lowest Property Taxes in 2024
  • Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate in the U.S. at 0.29%. ...
  • Alabama is generally one of the more affordable states in the country. ...
  • Colorado has the third-lowest property tax rate at 0.51%. ...
  • Nevada has the fourth-lowest property tax rate in the nation (0.55%).
Dec 21, 2023

What is Bannock County sales tax? ›

The minimum combined 2024 sales tax rate for Bannock County, Idaho is 6%. This is the total of state and county sales tax rates. The Idaho state sales tax rate is currently 6%. The Bannock County sales tax rate is 0%.

Does Idaho tax social security? ›

Social Security retirement benefits are not taxed at the state level in Idaho. Additionally, the state's property and sales taxes are relatively low. Other forms of retirement income, such as from a 401(k) or an IRA, are taxed at the state's normal income tax levels, which top out at 5.8%.

What percent of Pocatello is Mormon? ›

This somewhat complicated (but well-balanced and non-extreme) mix comes from a history of political activism mixing with a religious population. Around 75 percent of the population is Mormon, but the tried and true conservative stereotype does not hold fully true here, as seen throughout its history.

Why is Pocatello Idaho famous? ›

Founded in 1889, Pocatello was known as the "Gateway to the Northwest." As pioneers, gold miners and settlers traveled the Oregon Trail, they passed through the Portneuf Gap south of town. Stage and freight lines and the railroad soon followed, turning our community into a trade center and transportation junction.

What is the crime rate in Pocatello Idaho? ›

Pocatello, Idaho, is the third most dangerous city in Idaho. It has a violent crime rate of 371 violent crimes per 100,000 people. There is a 269 chance that residents will become victims of violent crime.

How to find the legal description of a property in San Diego County? ›

The County of San Diego Assessor's Office can provide information about any parcel of land located within the County of San Diego. The office can also be reached at 619-236-3771. Properties owned by the City of San Diego can be viewed at the Map of City-owned Land.

How do I look up a deed in California? ›

Reach out to the county clerk or recorder

As long as you know the property's location and county, you can typically get the information for free. Even if you need to print documents, these offices typically charge minimal fees. You can find the right county clerk or recorder through the Public Records Online Directory.

What does APN stand for in real estate? ›

Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) is a unique number assigned to real property by the tax assessor of the property's jurisdiction. The APN is useful for record-keeping and is often used in valuation assignments to identify the subject property.

How do I find easem*nts on my property in San Diego? ›

Check your Title Report or Contact Your Title Company

When you purchased your property a Title Report would have been included with your paperwork which would show any existing easem*nts on the property at the time of purchase. If you no longer have your title, any title company can create a new one for you for a fee.

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